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Fisher & Paykel Solo Nasal CPAP Mask - Overview

The Fisher & Paykel Solo Nasal CPAP Mask is the first of its kind, featuring new technologies, AutoFit™ and AutoLock™, that allow simple mask usage and fitting for all users. Being the world’s first AutoFit Mask, this mask simply stretches over your head and onto your face. This mask has an innovative design and an interchangeable interface between the F&P Solo Nasal Pillows (sold separately). This CPAP mask is able to dynamically respond to a user’s movement in their sleep, reducing the risk of air leaks throughout the night.


Fisher & Paykel Solo Nasal CPAP Mask - Features

AutoLock™ Headgear Of F&P Solo CPAP Mask

This mask includes a new technology created by Fisher & Paykel called AutoLock, an innovative feature that simplifies mask fitting and replaces traditional side straps. Instead, the headgear of the Solo Mask is stretch-to-fit and touch-to-adjust, which easily stretches over a user’s head and adjusts properly with a touch. This headgear design lessens the chance of a user incorrectly fitting their mask, promoting a successful and comfortable treatment. 


F&P Solo Nasal Mask Has One-touch Adjustment 

A CPAP patient can adjust their mask to their preferred fit by sealing their cushion under their nose with one gentle push. The AutoLock technology incorporated into this mask securely holds the mask in place all night long while a user sleeps. 

Solo CPAP Mask Comes With A Simple Fit for CPAP Patients

93% of trial users rated their experience with the F&P Solo mask as simple or very simple.


Minimal Parts In F&P Solo CPAP Mask

Thanks to its innovative design, this mask consists of only a few parts, making it easy to clean and maintain on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance. 


F&P Solo CPAP Mask Has Interchangeable Design

CPAP patients are able to switch their nasal cushion out and replace it with the Solo’s nasal pillows (sold separately) without changing the headgear to achieve the proper fit of their preference. 


F&P myMask™ App

The Fisher & Paykel Solo Nasal Mask has a companion application called myMask, downloadable from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This user-friendly app is designed to provide support to a CPAP user setting up their mask. It houses educational video instructions, mask-fitting tips, and ongoing support. 


Sizing Available In F&P Solo Mask

The headgear of the Solo Mask is a one-size design that fits all cushion sizes. There are two cushion options to choose from:

Nasal: Small, medium, large, and wide.
Nasal pillows: Small, medium, and large.


F&P Solo CPAP Mask - In The Box

  • Fisher & Paykel Solo Nasal mask
  • Headgear
  • Cushion
  • Frame with breathing tube and swivel

Fisher & Paykel Solo Nasal CPAP Mask FitPack

$119.00 Regular Price
$70.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Manufacturer Fisher & Paykel
    Magnetic Clips No
    Latex Free Yes
    Mouth Breather No
    Side Sleeper Yes
    Claustrophobic Yes
    TV Friendly Yes
    For Her Yes
    Facial Hair Yes
    Cushion Type Silicone
    Mask Type Nasal

* Must have Rx Prescription *

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