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Fisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP Mask - Overview

Never again mess with headgear! The Fisher & Paykel Evora CPAP Nasal Mask’s headgear gives a precise fit by just sliding it on like a cap. The CapFit headgear design eliminates over-tightening and trial-and-error adjusting to maintain a secure seal. The Evora mask also has a special compact seal that creates a soft fit beneath your nose and keeps the mask securely in place as you sleep.


Evora Nasal Mask - One-Size Fits All Headgear

Start your CPAP therapy by slipping on the CapFit headgear. No readjustments needed. A tight fit is always guaranteed since the headgear is made to stretch and adjust to the size of your head.


F&P Evora Nasal Mask - No Red Marks

The SoftEdges headgear is made of a soft knit fabric that helps to prevent harsh redness or contact pressure marks. This, combined with a snug fit, results in a mask that is both comfortable and effective. The SoftEdges headgear reduces facial contact by 64%, making it a great option for people who are sensitive to facial pressure.


F&P Evora Nasal CPAP Mask Has Nasal Cushions Under The Nose

The Evora Nasal Mask has a low-profile design that sits under the nose, providing a comfortable and secure fit. The nasal cushions are small and discreet, so you can still have a wide field of view. The reduced design also means that there is less mask gear to get in the way, which can be helpful for people who feel claustrophobic.


Fisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP Mask - Quiet Exhalation

Evora nasal CPAP mask has laser-drilled holes to diffuse the pressurized which reduces the noise level during CPAP therapy. Evora’s quiet operation and decreased draft can help you and your partner sleep better throughout the night.


Fisher and Paykel Evora Nasal Mask - Includes

  • Mask Cushion
  • Mask Frame
  • Mask Headgear
  • Top Strap
  • Backstrap
  • Exhaust Holes
  • Tube
  • Swivel

Fisher & Paykel Evora CPAP Nasal Mask FitPack with Headgear

Excluding Sales Tax
  • IN THE PACKAGE: Evora CPAP & BiPAP Mask with 3 Nasal Seals (Small, Medium & Large), Short Tube, Swivel and CapFit Headgear.


    Manufacturer Fisher & Paykel
    Product Name For Bundle F&P Evora Nasal Mask 
    Magnetic Clips No
    Latex Free Yes
    Mouth Breather No
    Side Sleeper Yes
    Claustrophobic Yes
    TV Friendly Yes
    For Her No
    Facial Hair No
    Cushion Type Silicone
    UPC 9420012456229
    Mask Type Nasal

* Must have Rx Prescription *

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