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The AirTouch F20 full face mask features ResMed’s all-new UltraSoft memory foam cushion to deliver effective CPAP therapy with unprecedented levels of comfort. The AirTouch F20 cushion’s permeable foam material conforms to facial contours, creating a reliable seal that is both secure and breathable. Add in the AirTouch F20 mask’s flexible under-eye frame, plush headgear and user-friendly features, like convenient quick-release elbow and magnetic headgear clips, and patients are treated to a CPAP therapy experience that truly puts comfort first. 


AirTouch F20 Full Face Mask Features:

  • UltraSoft memory foam cushion delivers comfortable fit and secure mask seal
  • Permeable foam cushion material creates a breathable seal, dissipating heat to enhance patient comfort
  • Flexible padded frame rests under the eyes for more open field of vision
  • Plush headgear with four adjuster tabs to refine fit
  • Magnetic self-guiding headgear clips
  • Convenient quick-release elbow


Memory Foam Cushioned Comfort

Comfort issues are the number one reason why sleep apnea patients abandon their CPAP therapy, so ResMed made comfort the top priority when designing the AirTouch F20. Full face CPAP masks are particularly challenging when it comes to comfort, but the AirTouch F20 mask offers a real-world solution with its UltraSoft memory foam cushion.

The AirTouch memory foam cushion delivers a more gentle feel than traditional silicone designs, reducing skin irritation and redness. The permeable foam material is also breathable, helping dissipate the heat build-up and corresponding sweat that are common complaints for full-face mask users. But the truly remarkable thing about the AirTouch F20 cushion is it achieves this newfound level of comfort without sacrificing performance. The malleable memory foam conforms to individual facial contours, creating a secure seal that administers effective CPAP therapy for a wide range of pressure settings, including high pressure prescriptions. 


Available in three sizes (Small, Medium, Large), the AirTouch F20 cushion fits a wide variety of face shapes and sizes. In fact, ResMed’s internal research studies saw 98% of patients find a successful fit with the F20. ResMed also provides a handy sizing guide to help customers determine the correct cushion size before purchase. 


Flexible Frame with Plush Headgear

The AirTouch F20 sources a modular frame identical to the AirFit F20 mask. In fact, the AirTouch cushion is interchangeable with the AirFit F20 cushion, so current F20 users can easily switch over or even alternate between cushions if desired. The F20’s flexible frame rests below the patient’s eyeline, providing a more open view than some full face mask assemblies. Integrated padding adds comfort, with a soft fabric interior contacting the face.

The frame connects to the plush fabric headgear at four anchor points, with the top two attached the end of the flexible frame arms while the other two located at the base of the mask. The bottom headgear connections feature self-aligning magnetic clips, which simplify the process of fitting the mask and taking it off. All four headgear points have adjustable tabs to tighten or loosen tension for an ideal fit. The AirTouch F20 headgear can be purchased seperately in three sizes (Small, Standard, Large), as well as a lavender colored headgear designed for the ResMed AirTouch F20 for Her Full Face Mask.


User-Friendly CPAP Mask Design

The aforementioned magnetic headgear clips are just one of the convenient features that make the AirTouch F20 full face mask a user-friendly design. Diffused venting in the elbow disperses exhaust draft evenly and in a quiet manner. And the elbow itself features a quick-release connection, an invaluable feature for those nighttime errands like using the bathroom. No need to take off the entire mask, instead a quick snap release and you’re untethered from the CPAP tubing. Not to say that removing and putting on the mask off is a terrible chore, as the AirTouch F20 fitting process is incredibly easy. Simply unclip the magnetic headgear clips at the lower anchor points, slide the headgear overhead, then reattach the magnetic headgear clips and adjust straps as needed. 

Cleanup and maintenance for AirTouch F20 are also user-friendly. Cleaning the memory foam cushion is particularly convenient, simply wipe the foam surface with an alcohol-free wipe, like the SoClean CPAP wipes. ResMed recommends daily wipedowns to maintain optimal cushion performance, as well as changing out for a replacement AirTouch F20 cushion every month. The mask frame, headgear and associated parts (minus the cushion) can be cleaned in a more conventional manner, including sanitization in the SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner (see important note below). 

Yet another user-friendly feature of the AirTouch F20 is its compatibility with ResMed’s new AirMini Travel CPAP, making the F20 a comfortable mask option both at home and away.


In the Box:

  • AirTouch F20 cushion in selected size
  • F20 modular frame
  • Headgear
  • Quick-release elbow


Discover for yourself how the AirTouch F20 elevates full face CPAP comfort to unprecedented heights. Order the AirTouch F20 mask today from Sleep Direct and enjoy a sleep apnea therapy experience where comfort comes first.

ResMed AirTouch F20 Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

SKU: 63001
$125.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
    • IN THE PACKAGE: AirTouch F20 Full Face CPAP & BiLevel Mask with Cushion, Plush Headgear & QuietAir Elbow
    • PART NUMBER: 63001 (Medium), 63302 (Large)
    • HCPCS CODE: A7030, A7035
    • GTIN / UPC CODE: 00619498630127, 00619498630134, 00619498630141 , 00619498630004, 00619498630011, 00619498630028
    • WARRANTY: 90 Days - Review manufacturer's documentation for full warranty details. 
    • INTENDED USE: The F20 is a non-invasive accessory used for channeling airflow (with or without supplemental oxygen) to a patient from a positive airway pressure (PAP) device such as a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or bilevel system.
    • COUNTRY: Australia, China (Typical Origin)


    • AVAILABLE SIZE: Medium 
    • MATERIALS: Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
      DEHP Free
      Phthalate Free
      PVC Free


    • TYPE: Full Face Mask
    • PRESSURE LEVELS: 3-40 CM H2O (Recommended)


    • MAGNETIC CLIPS ALERT: Magnets are used in the lower headgear straps and the frame of the F20. Ensure the headgear and frame is kept at least 2" (50 mm) away from any active medical implant (eg, pacemaker or defibrillator) to avoid possible effects from localized magnetic fields. The magnetic field strength is less than 400 mT.
    • AIRTOUCH CUSHION CARE: UltraSoft Memory Foam Cushions should not be submerged in liquid or wiped with alcohol. Instead they should be wiped clean with an alcohol-free CPAP Cleaning Wipe on a daily basis and replaced each month.

* Must have Rx Prescription *

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