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ADVANCED AUTO-CPAP THERAPY: React's Luna G3 monitors your breathing throughout the night and adjusts pressure levels automatically to provide the lowest possible pressure for successful sleep therapy. In addition Luna G3 offers a host of custom comfort features to improve sleep quality.


Heated humidification helps patients to sleep better and longer, without dry mouth or discomfort, during sleep therapy. The Luna G3's Humidifier is built directly into the machine so it is much smaller and simpler than other "integrated" humidifier options and it offers a "pre-heat" feature so it'll be ready to go immediately when you jump into bed at night. The large water chamber can be filled while it's attached to the machine and it is easily removed for cleaning.


Turning on RESlex Exhalation Relief enables your Luna G3 to automatically detect respiratory rhythms -- as you breathe in and out -- to reduce pressure during exhalation for a more natural breathing experience. RESlex can be turned off completely or set at levels from 1 (least pressure relief) to 3 (most pressure relief).


While your Luna G3 is in use if a leak is detected; the machine will sound an audible alert after 40 seconds of detection to wake and notify you of the leak so you can adjust your mask. The LCD screen will also display a "Leak!!" message.


The Luna G3 allows you to set 30, 60, 190 or 365 day reminders for changing out your Mask, Tube and Filter. For example; should you choose to select a 60 day reminder to change your Mask, on the 60th day your machine will sound an audible alert and display a message reading "Please Change Mask!" This feature can also be turned off.


After each sleep therapy session, the Luna G3 will display a Usage Summary and Usage Score on the screen for you to get an easy understanding of how your latest treatment went. The score total is up to 100 Points; 75 and greater being Good, 74-55 being Acceptable and anything less than 54 means Needs Improvement. Included in the summary is a breakdown of usage time, mask seal and respiratory events (apneas, hypopneas, snoring and central apneas).


Available for iPhone, iPad & Android; 3B Luna QR app lets you take your compliance data with you wherever you go. Once the app has been downloaded to your device; simply scan the iCodeQR that is generated on your Luna G3 device. Within seconds a summary of your compliance data is saved into your app and is accessible whenever you need it!

React Luna G3 Auto-CPAP Machine Package without Heated Tubing

SKU: LG36002
$1,119.00 Regular Price
$839.00Sale Price
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