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React Health Luna II Auto CPAP Machine with Humidifier Overview

The Luna II AutoCPAP System with RESlex technology and heated humidification is an Auto-Adjusting (or fixed pressure) system with advanced features and is a cost-effective option for treating sleep apnea.


The Luna II Auto CPAP System uses unique Dual-Channel QuadPhase technology. Increasing therapy comfort, RESlex Exhalation Relief eases the exhalation process making it easier to breathe out against the air flow. The Luna II humidifier chamber easily snaps into the side of the device using the same power supply as the machine. Optional Wi-Fi plug-ins offer the ability to capture patient compliance data from almost anywhere, anytime.


React Health Luna II Features

  • Uses Wi-Fi or cellular connection to share therapy data (if desired)
  • Crystal clear LCD display
  • Integrated heated humidifier
  • Easy access to your data using convenient QR code
  • 60-minute ramp time
  • Automatically adjusting pressure
  • Reslex® expiratory pressure relief
  • Auto start and mask leak alerts
  • User-Friendly Color LCD Display


React Health Luna II - Can Use Wi-Fi or Cellular Connection to Share Data 

With the help of Wi-Fi or cellular connection, users of this auto-CPAP machine can easily share their sleep data with their doctors. By allowing both Wi-Fi and cellular data sharing options, the users can upload and share their sleep data from anywhere.  This feature can also be turned off since data sharing is optional.


React Health Luna II Auto CPAP Machine Has Color LCD for User-Friendly Display

The React Health (formerly 3B Medical) Luna II provides updated data on your sleep apnea therapy using a backlit LCD display located on the top of the CPAP machine. It allows navigation from a single dial menu access that provides all the information on the last CPAP therapy as well as statistics on your sleep.


Luna II Auto CPAP Machine With Humidifier - Built-In Dual-Chamber Heated Humidifier

The dual-chamber heated humidifier is integrated to provide the best comfort levels for CPAP therapy and is easy to clean. No other equipment is required for a comfortable CPAP therapy.


One of the most common complaints of CPAP users is dried airways and dry mouth, and the integrated heated humidifier makes the CPAP therapy more effective with the React Health Luna II.


React Health Luna II Has a QR Code for Easy Access to Your Data

The Luna II makes it easy to access your CPAP data with QR scanning. Scanning the QR will immediately provide your mobile device access to all your CPAP data. All you need to do is install the React Health Luna II application available on all iOS and Android devices.

React Health Luna II Auto CPAP Machine with Humidifier - 60-Minute Ramp Time

Unlike most CPAP or APAP machines, the Luna II has a 60-minute ramp time compared to the normal 45-minutes ramp time. The extra 15 minutes of ramp time provides a longer, more comfortable sleep.


Automatic Pressure Adjustments - Fewer Trips to the Doctor!

Automatic pressure adjustments help with easy CPAP therapy compliance. Auto-adjusting pressure settings mean that you will need fewer sleep studies and doctor visits because the machine measures your inhaling and exhaling pressure during sleep. The Luna II Auto-CPAP machine sets a new pressure that automatically saves time, and money, and reduces the hassle.


React Health Luna II - Reslex® Expiratory Pressure Relief

The Reslex Expiratory Pressure Relief is a comfort feature that provides easier inhaling and exhaling during CPAP therapy. The pressure relief feature ensures that breathing out is easier against the positive air pressure. This feature helps reduce bloating and cramping while CPAP therapy helps maintain easy breathing.


Luna II Auto CPAP Machine - Auto Start and Mask Leak Alert

The autostart and mask leak alert provides a convenient way to troubleshoot the machine and mask. The auto start allows the machine to turn on automatically as soon as it detects breathing. These features have an audible sound and can be disabled.


React Health Luna II Auto CPAP Machine Includes

  • Luna II Auto-CPAP Machine
  • Tubing
  • Filter
  • Carrying Case
  • Power Supply and Cable
  • User Manual


React Health Luna II Auto CPAP Machine with Humidifier

$1,129.00 Regular Price
$829.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • UPC 817783020527
    Product Name For Bundle React Health Luna II Auto 
    Manufacturer React Health
    Machine Pressure 4-20 cm H2O
    Battery Option Yes
    Warranty Term 2 Year
    Heated Hose Option No
    Therapy Modes CPAP and Auto-CPAP
    Custom Label Image 0
    Ramp Yes
    Leak Compensation Yes
    Exhalation Relief Yes
    DC Capable Yes
    FAA Compliant No
    Auto Start Yes
    Auto Stop No
    Sound Level 27 dba
    Dimensions - Machine with Humidifier 10.79 in L x 7.24 in W x 4.53 in H
    Weight - Machine with Humidifier 4 lbs
    Data Storage Content Yes
    Water Chamber Capacity 380 mL
    Altitude Compensation Automatic


* Must have Rx Prescription *

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