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Invacare HomeFill Oxygen System provides an unlimited, refillable ambulatory oxygen supply for patients to provide greater mobility and increased independence than traditional oxygen modalities. The HomeFill is a multi-stage pump that simply and safely compresses oxygen from any Invacare HomeFill compatible 5-liter or 10-liter concentrator into oxygen cylinders in sizes M2, ML4, ML6, M6, M9(C) and D. The ability to fill their own cylinders gives ambulatory patients greater independence and freedom. Home care oxygen providers will also benefit from the virtual elimination of time-consuming and costly service calls associated with cylinder and-or liquid oxygen deliveries.




  • Provides an unlimited refillable ambulatory oxygen supply
  • Patient protection ensures oxygen purity in the cylinder is always greater than 90%
  • The patient breathes from a continuous flow oxygen concentrator at night
  • No extra equipment needed because patients can breathe off concentrator while filling cylinders
  • Encourages compliance with oxygen therapy as patients have no worries about running out of oxygen
  • The system is compatible with 5 liter or 10-liter concentrators and a wide variety of cylinder options (Concentrators and cylinders are not included)
  • Multiple cylinder sizes are available
  • Eliminating oxygen deliveries increases independence, convenience, and comfort


Invacare HomeFill Oxygen System

$2,315.00 Regular Price
$1,852.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
    • Brand: Invacare
    • Product Type: Oxygen System
    • Height 15"
    • Width: 20.25"
    • Depth: 16"
    • Power Consumption: 200 Watts
    • Electrical: 120 VAC
    • Frequency: 60 Hz
    • Rated Current Input: 2.0 Amps
    • Pressure: 14-21 PSI
    • Oxygen: 0-3 LPM (5 Liters), 0-5 LPM (10 Liter)
    • Product Weight: 33 lbs
    • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty/ 5,000 hr. - Internal Components
    • Please note - Any smoking while using the unit or evidence that unit has been used in a smoke filled environment will void the warranty.

* Must have Rx Prescription *

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