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The CAIRE Freestyle Comfort is the newest addition of top-rated wearable portable oxygen concentrators from Chart. The Freestyle Comfort weighs 5 pounds and features an ergonomic design that rests naturally against the curves of your body, making it comfortable to wear while out and about. The unit also features a simple, one-touch operation with a color user interface, long lasting battery and utilizes UltraSense sensitive breath detection technology that ensures oxygen is being delivered to you when you need it.

At only 5 pounds with the small 8 cell battery, the FreeStyle Comfort is an extremely lightweight and wearable oxygen solution. It was designed to nestle against the natural curves of your body, making it one of the comfortable concentrators available. The package also includes a stylish carry bag with a non-slip padded shoulder strap for hands-free mobility allowing you to take the unit virtually anywhere.

The Freestyle Comfort provides powerful and versatile oxygen delivery profile with pulse dose with settings from 1 to 5 and a maximum output of 1050 mL of oxygen per minute. It is powered by Charts UltraSense technology, allowing the compressor to adjust the oxygen bolus to match your breathing rate automatically. This technology means that whether you are at rest, exercise, or sleeping, the unit provides your oxygen requirements. This feature also ensures that oxygen is provided at the very start of your breath when your body uses oxygen more efficiently.

The small 8 cell battery averages up-to 4 hours on a setting of two and the optional large 16 cell battery averages 8 hours. The average time to recharge either battery pack from a 0% to 100% averages about 3.5 hours for the small 8 cell battery and 6 hours for the 16 cell battery. The FreeStyle Comfort will recharge the battery anytime it is installed, and the concentrator is connected to an external AC or DC power source.

The FreeStyle Comfort brings usability and convenience to a new level. A single button push starts the device, and it takes less than 2 minutes to start delivering oxygen. The machine’s sound level is a soft 43 decibels, so you can use it with confidence whether at home, in a restaurant, or at church. It’s also fully FAA certified and approved for airline flight on most major airlines.

To give you peace of mind the unit includes an industry-leading 3-year manufacturer warranty that covers the unit and the sieve beds. This is the only unit on the market with a warranty on sieve beds, a benefit that could save you hundreds of dollars. There is also a 1-year of warranty for the battery and power supplies.

Airsep Caire Freestyle 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Manufacturer: CAIRE
    • Battery: 8 cell or 16 cell
    • Battery Duration: 8-cell battery at setting 2 – up to 4 hours
      16-cell battery at setting 2 – up to 8 hours
    • Color: White
    • Dimensions: 10.0 x 7.3 x 3.1 in (8 Cell Battery), 11.0 x 7.3 x 3.1 in (16 Cell Battery)
    • Flow Range: 1,2,3,4,5 (Pulse)
    • Included In Box:
    • Portable Concentrator
    • Carry Bag
    • Battery Pack
      AC/DC Universal Power Supply and Cords
      Shoulder Strap
      UltraSenseTM technology
    • Inspiratory Trigger Sensitivity: -0.5 cm H2O
    • Liter Flow: 1 to 5LPM
    • Max Outlet Pressure: 30 PSI
    • Operating Altitude: -1250 to 10,000 ft
    • Operating Enrvironment: 41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)
    • Oxygen Purity: 90% (+5.5% / -3%)
    • Prescription Required: Yes
    • Recharge Time: Single Battery: 3.5 hours
      Double Battery: 6.0 hours
    • Storage Environment: -13°F to +158°F (-25°C to +70°C) up to 10000 ft (3048 m)
    • Can Use A Battery?: Yes
    • Noise Level: 43 dB(A) @ Setting 2
    • Warranty: 3 Years

* Must have Rx Prescription *

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